How to integrate your shopify store to OptLocal

How to integrate your shopify store to OptLocal
Jun 18, 2021
Development Team
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Learn how to integrate your Shopify store with OptLocal. Our integration is quick and easy to use. If you have any questions, please contact

First, you must log in to your Shopify store and click the Apps menu.

 Then, click "manage private apps."

Next, click the "create a new private app" link.

Then name the app and add our developer support email Then, copy the fields from the image below in the admin API section. Next, click Save.

Add the following permissions:

Then, click "I understand and create the app." Next, copy the API key and password.

Next, log in to your OptLocal vendor account. Then, select "MP Shopify Connect" tab. Next, select listing templates and create a default product export template.

Then, create a default export template:

Then, log in to your OptLocal vendor account and click on the “MP Shopify Connect” tab.


Next, add the API key and password to the corresponding fields.

Next, click save account.

Explaination of the corresponding settings:

Store Name – Enter your Shopify store name to connect to OptLocal.

Attribute Set – Select the attribute set for the products (click here to learn about the different product types).

API Key – Paste the API Key from the Shopify Private app Password – Enter the password of the Shopify private app.

Domain Name – Enter the Shopify store URL here.

Default Category – Select the default OptLocal Category to import the products from Shopify to.

Default Store View – Select the Default store view. Import Product – Select the products that will be imported from the Shopify Store. You can select “All Products,” or “Only mapped categories products.”

Product Description With HTML – Select yes to import product descriptions with the products.

Price Rule Applicable For – Select None

Order Status – Select “No”

Default Product Quantity – Default product quantity is used in case qty is 0 when exporting the products to shopify.

Select Template – Select a template to apply to the product descriptions.

Product Type for Export – Select the product types to export i.e Simple or Configurable.

Other Information – Enter the other information that will be used with the product export.


Click here to learn how to map categories

Click here to learn how to map and import products

Click here to learn how to import orders from Shopify

Click here to learn how to export products and inventory to Shopify

Click here to learn how to create a price rule


If you have any questions or you are unable to integrate your shopify website, please contact



Development Team


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