Top Flex Golf Swing Training Aid

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Unlock The Hidden Distance And Consistency In Your Swing Using the TopFlex™ Trainer!

  • 10-20 swings every day will improve swing tempo, strength, and flexibility
  • Easy to use - simply “swing” the TopFlex back and forth continually without stopping at impact position, as if swinging to a metronome
  • Fights slices and flattens the swing
  • Low-impact stretch for pre-round warm-up
  • Fits easily your bag – legal to carry on the course


·  Can be used by left or right-handed players

·  It designed for men, women & children

·  Legal to carry on the course (and fits neatly in any golf bag)

·  Builds strength, increases flexibility, and reduces injury - both on and off the golf course…

·  Gives you instant feedback and correction on your tempo – so you can quickly and easily develop a “buttery smooth” laser-accurate swing…

·  Can be used indoors during bad weather (10 – 20 swings a day is all it takes to find and maintain that perfect tempo)

·  Durable fiberglass and polyurethane construction means it lasts for years of daily use…

·  Available in two sizes – Large and Small Trainer. Large is ideal for most Golfers over 5'7". The Small is ideal for most golfers under 5'7" and Juniors.

·  Every purchase backed by a 45-days money-back guarantee (more on that below)

How Does It Work

The TopFlex Golf Tempo Trainer gives you instant visual and tactile feedback on your swing’s tempo, allowing you to quickly and efficiently create the perfect rhythm to your swing…

And unlocking your hidden distance, power, and consistency.

The weighted head is attached to a regular-style golf club grip through means of a flexible shaft. Simply use the Tempo Trainer like you would a regular golf club and practice your swing 10-20 times before a round, at the range, during an off day in your living room or garage.

If at any point during the swing you don’t have excellent rhythm and balance (the keys to a consistent golf swing), the ball will “wobble” and highlight the exact moment your swing became “out of tempo.”

Focus on smoothing out this sensation and in just ten to twenty practice swings your golf swing will effortlessly achieve a perfect tempo…

Plus, the weighted head will build strength and flexibility in your arms, shoulders, and core, toning muscles and further adding to the explosive power of your new golf swing.

Stay Productive In the Off Season

look at the off-season as a positive, Use this time off to make some of the biggest changes so you come back ready when golf season rolls around again! For those who live in cold weather climates, The golf season doesn’t get started until March/April and then it can end as early as November, That leaves about 7-8 months of playing time.

If you’re not doing anything to work on your swing during the winter than you might end up spending the first 2-3 months of the golf season just trying to get back into the swing of things. So what can you do to prevent your swing from going dormant over the winter?

You can use The TopFlex Trainer in the comfort of your own home to continually groove your swing. Swinging the TopFlex for as little as 5-10 minutes a day will not only keep your golfing muscles fresh, but it will also help you find a smooth, rhythmic swing that eludes many players.

Imagine if someone replaced the club head of your favorite iron with a yellow golf ball. That’s exactly what TopFlex™ looks like and roughly how it works, This tool is essentially a club with a 2.5-pound weight at the end and additional flex throughout. You can easily swing this training tool  in your home or yard  without having to worry about where your ball will end up because it is attached.

Important: Please check size suggestions before ordering.

If you are 5'7" or over, order the LARGE. If you are under 5'7", please order the SMALL.

✔ Improve Your Swing.

10-20 swings every day will improve swing tempo, strength, and flexibility!

✔ Develop Better Mechanics.

Find the natural feel of lag, develop core golf muscles and Gain 20, 30 or even 40 yards!

✔ Build More Power

Build muscle memory and strengthen your swing, The extra flex in the shaft helps lengthen your swing, giving you more power and better control!

✔ Excellent warm-up tool.

Low-impact stretch for pre-round warm-up! (Fits easily in any golf bag and is legal to carry on the course.)


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